Alpha 9 Preview Released

So, Alpha 9 Preview is out... YAY!

To be honest, there really isn't much that has changed, but you can now get homing missiles, which are pretty cool :D. I wasn't really ready to release Alpha 9, but a friend has come to quite like Spacial Invasion, and wanted to play with the new features that I had implemented. Instead of zipping up the game files, I just published the new version, with a couple of bugs. After those were ironed out, Alpha 9 Preview is released.

In the future, I will modify my launcher to be compatible with beta & developer versions, which will be better for both me & you, as it will mean that you aren't getting a half baked alpha because of my friends ;). Anyhow, lets talk more about Alpha 9.

A majority of the changes in Alpha 9 are back end. Yes you now have homing missiles, and another enemy type (just a harder version of enemy 1 at the moment), but the majority of changes have come in the way the Spacial Invasion is programmed. The enemies are now built using multiple classes, one for each 'trait' the enemy has. This allows for easier, and more expandable enemy creation in the future, and apparently more stable game playing (thanks reddit :D). I have also started the basics of a custom text parsing system, which will allow for super easier creation, and modification of the skill tree.

If this Skill Tree expansion comes to fruition - almost certain it will - then it will mean that the community could create custom skills, with their own names, unlock points and description, and be able to chose the affect of the skill - to a certain extent (basically if I have programmed the skill effect, you can use it, if I have not, you can't).

Anyhow, I hope that you guys enjoy Alpha 9 of Spacial Invasion, which can be accessed by downloading the launcher for Windows attached to this post, or the .zip files for Mac OSX & Linux. You can also donate to the development of Spacial Invasion by buying my game at or by donating directly at

Have Fun!


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Apr 08, 2017

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